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A great Atmos home cinema room

We've just put in an awesome 5.1.4 Atmos system in a huge basement in Kensworth. The fronts were Monitor Audio Silver 300, 3-way floorstanders, a C350 3-way centre, Silver 100 rears and C280IDC 3-way top speakers front and back. The dedicated midrange drivers on all the fronts give vocals a real pop, as well as adding to the general spaciousness of scenes. A 65 inch LG OLED, Denon 8K capable AVC4700H to drive them all and a Sunfire HRS12 1000W sub completed the cinema.

The Silvers are really fast with transients, and provide all the impact you need for movies, as well as being awesome for music. The Sunfire HRS1, being a sealed box 1000 watter, hits hard, fast and very, very low (freq resp 16-100Hz) (its hidden to the left of the front left obscured by the sofa). All in a great sounding system. Our customer, and avid movie and game fan, hifi enthusiast (Naim kit and ATC speakers) and musician was thrilled at the result. That's what we like !

You can just about see the 4 in-ceiling Monitor Audio C280IDC's and a tiny piece of the rear SIlver 100s. Excuse the mess. We hadn't finished tidying up when the shot was taken. (genuine photography at least !)

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