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Wifi and Network Improvement

Smart homes need to handle video and audio streaming, working from home, gaming online, and connecting multiple devices in the home.

Hard wired cabling offers the most reliable connection and high speed wifi extends this out to all corners of your home.

AV-Zone offers the best of both worlds, with future proof 10G ready cabling and gigabit wifi for seamless connectivity and control.

​Future-proof new builds and renovations or give your current setup a new lease on life.

Far from a phone exchange or can't get good speed from landline or fibre? We also offer 4G/5G mobile broadband via antennae and routers to utilise the mobile networks' often superior speed - all you need is a data SIM from the best mobile data provider in your area and a 4/5G router.

Wifi designed to your needs - we check your wifi coverage with a special wifi 'heatmap' tool as we install to optimise coverage.

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