Wifi and home networks - essential for today's connected world.

These days, a decent home network with strong wifi signal in all rooms is as important as the telephone was 20 years ago.

Everything needs an internet connection these days.

AV-Zone has great experience setting up and extending home wifi and wired networks, as we have to ensure all the Tvs, media boxes and control systems we install can talk to each other and stream internet content.

If you are suffering from weak wifi, or would like to see if we can hardwire your devices, give us a call or an email.

We install commercial grade wifi access points from brands like Ubiquiti and Draytek, and Gigabit speed network switches to ensure the best internet speeds and signal throughout your home. CAT6A cabling makes sure you are ready for the next generation of 10Gb/s networking.

We use wifi heat mapping technology to assess your wifi network and identify optimum locations for access points (repeaters) so that we get even coverage and speeds throughout.

If you need additional security for your home of home office, we also offer in-home firewall and internet security technology to ensure your privacy and security online.

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