Chat ...Speak with the clients and get an idea of what they want to achieve

Visit the site  -  a walkaround with the client and their builders/ designers/ architects gives a much better idea of the complexity and costs

Propose a solution and bill of materials for the client with an estimate based on discussions.

Follow up with client - if necessary, modify any requirements or proposed soultions that need to be changed.

 Detailed design -  If awarded the job, we will then design the cabling infrastructure and the installation in ready to install detail.

First fix - a team is sent in to install all the cabling needed to fulfil the requirements, as well as a few spares to cover any accidental damage during building works. We also suggest to clients to allow for future-proofing, by adding in additional cables for later expansion/ upgrades

Order equipment - there is normally a wait after first fix, while builders and decorators finish up. In such cases we would invoice for the work to date and order the equipment at the right time, so it is ready the minute we can get onto the site to install it all

Second fix - a team is sent to site to install all TVs, speakers, network equipment, source and distribution kit etc. Programmers follow to configure any software programming needed, and everything is setup, updated with software or firmware and tested to make sure it all does what it's supposed to.

Handover and training  - we demonstrate the system to the client, and at this stage, any tweaks needed are made to make it as easy to use as possible. The client is shown how to use it and only left when they are confident they have figured it out.

Support - we don't do contracts but we always offer free support for a reasonable period, to cover any software glitches which may occur, or any other issues that may present themselves.  Our existing clients will attest to our great levels of dedication to them.