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Share your Sky or Virgin box to multiple TVs over your aerial system

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

What? No need for CAT6 cabling or multiple set top boxes or expensive multi-room contracts? That's right, you simply need an aerial socket near your set top box, connected to your aerial booster (normally in the loft) and you can distribute your set top box, in Full HD, to every room in the house that has an aerial socket on the wall. You can even control the set top box from the room you're in.

A modulator converts an HDMI input to a Freeview HD channel (an unused one in your area) and then loops the HDMI back out for use on your original TV. By connecting the modulator to the aerial system, the new STB 'channel' becomes available for any TV (must be 1080p minimum with Freeview HD tuner) to tune into. Remote control is by standard aerial line 'magic eyes'. Cost : about £150 + VAT for the modulator + 'n' spare eyes at £10 + VAT each + a spare HDMI. Contact us if you would like more info.

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