Multiroom Audio - any audio source, any room, anytime.

We bring music to your life through crystal-clear whole home audio.  You can listen to anything, and we do mean anything (from the sound of your Smart TV to the lastest streaming music apps), in any area of your home, all while anyone else in your home listens to anything they want. Your music is always there, right at the press of a button. It's a powerful, personalized way to enjoy your music.

Our hifi quality ceiling speakers from leading hifi manufacturers, ensure a discreet yet powerful sound, filling every room with a full rich presentation of the music.

All of our multiroom systems now come with Airplay, Spotify Connect and other streaming apps, as well as millions of internet radio stations built in. They all have mobile apps to control them too, so a world of music is at your fingertips.
Almost all of our multiroom audio systems can be controlled via mobile devices
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