Home Cinemas....  from all-in-one systems to dedicated cinema rooms

Modern home cinema equipment has come a long way. With 3D projectors and Tvs now readily available, you can recreate the visual and audio effects of a full blown cinema in your own home. We have installed 2 dedicated cinema rooms, a 12 seater and an 8 seater, all with electric reclining leather seats, raked up, and 7.1 surround sound speaker systems. With screen sizes from 6 feet to around 15 feet across or even bigger, going to the cinema with noisy kids and expensive snacks is a thing of the past.

Or, if you simply want to transform your existing TV or living room by adding an AV amp and BluRay, or one of the fantastic all-in-one systems available, we will ensure you get the best cinematic experience for your budget.
The latest 4k and 3D projectors from JVC, Sony, Optoma, Epson and others
Speakers , both freestanding and in-wall/ceiling , to suit all budgets and room types
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