Ultra High Definition Video Distribution  -  all your hi def video to all your TVs.

Time was when the furthest you could run an HD or 4K UHD video signal was about 10m, based on the limitations of an HDMI cable.

Nowadays, as if by magic, simple CAT5, CAT6 cable can carry Full HD & UHD signals for a hundreds metres, using HD over CAT converters or HD over IP converters. Even longer distances can be achieved by installing cheap fibre optic cable

We have successfully installed many of these multiroom systems, and have distributed up to 8 sources to 8 TVs in the house. Using matrix switchers means any source can be played on any TV, at any time.

Of course, we still can't stop the fighting over which channel to watch ! But then, you can always get more than 1 set top box or player !!

We use the latest prequipment from brands like Wyrestorm,  CYP and Blustream to get your UHD video to the rooms you want, while keeping the boxes out of site far way.  All of these systems offer remote control, so the source box doesn't need to be in the same room.
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